Dr. Leslie Pratch: The Skills and Personality Traits of Active Copers

Dr. Leslie Pratch received her PhD from the prestigious clinical psychology program at Northwestern University’s Medical School. In her book Good on Paper, Dr. Pratch examines active coping, which she identifies as a key attribute of a healthy personality structure. Active coping is the inclination and ability to effectively adapt to new and varying circumstances.

Dr. Pratch posits that an active coping style can produce a number of discernible traits and skills, which include:

1. Awareness: Active copers possess the ability to see and understand reality, including their own needs, aptitudes, and shortcomings.

2. Courage: Displaying a desire for new experiences, active copers are not threatened by the complications they might encounter.

3. Decisiveness: Active copers are able to successfully manage the challenge of choosing among competing goals.

4. Energy, fortitude, and the willingness to persevere: Active copers seek forward movement, even when conditions are tough.

5. Plan execution: Active copers are planners and consider the downsides of possible endeavors, but they also understand that action is as important as introspection.

6. Resiliency and the ability to learn from experience: After a setback, active copers can regroup, learn from their mistakes, and move on.

7. Resourcefulness: Active copers are inventive and enterprising problem solvers.