Leslie S. Pratch

Book Examines Coping Styles of Real-World Leaders

Leslie S. Pratch

Leslie S. Pratch

Leslie S. Pratch, a licensed clinical psychologist, is the author of LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER? Using In-Depth Personality Assessment to Predict Leadership Performance, a book published by Columbia Business School Publishing in 2014. In the book, Leslie S. Pratch examines real-world leaders to gain insight into their coping styles. These leaders include President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant, both of whom Leslie Pratch discusses in this excerpt:

“Lincoln didn’t have the option to assess his generals using clinical psychological methods; he had to make choices knowing their overt strengths and weaknesses, but not their covert, unconscious tolerance for stress. Using current methods to uncover his generals’ coping structures, he might have gotten a more accurate picture of how they would handle the trauma of war. A thorough assessment would likely have caught McClellan’s hesitation to act under pressure, and Grant’s underlying determination to push through against all odds. Although Grant was not an active coper in many situations, such as leading the country during peacetime, he was the right leader for the particular situation that had nearly destroyed the Union. His particular coping style made him the right military leader during wartime.”

To read additional excerpts from LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER?, log on to www.pratchco.com/publications/looks-good-on-paper. Readers can also purchase a copy of the book at www.amazon.com/dp/0231168365/ref=rdr_ext_tmb.


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