Leslie S Pratch pic

Pratch and Company – Coaching and Mentoring


Leslie S Pratch pic

Leslie S Pratch
Image: pratchco.com

As the president and CEO of Pratch & Company, Leslie S. Pratch oversees the day-to-day operations of this professional service firm, serving as a psychological advisor to private equity businesses. With nearly 20 years of experience in clinical psychology, Leslie S. Pratch directs Pratch & Company in providing programs such as coaching and mentoring for professional firms.

The coaching and mentoring program of Pratch & Company assists executives who are coming up through the company ranks in improving their performance levels, and teaches the skills that are needed for advancement within companies. Coaching and mentoring is provided by a network of experienced CEOs who desire to help create new talent in various industries.

Coaching and mentoring starts by using Pratch & Company’s Active Coping Assessment program to evaluate an executive’s ability to adapt his or her personality to the requirements of the position desired. The coaching and mentoring program helps potential executives create a plan to prepare for an executive position.


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